Poker Hand of the Week â $ ” The River Check That Secured Jennifer Tilly A Massive $519,500 Pot

Jennifer Tilly continues to hold her own in High Stakes Poker Season 9. In our Poker Hand of the Week, we examine the sly river check vs. Garrett Adelstein that protected her the most significant pot up until now worth a massive $519,500. Â

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

Our Poker Hand of the Week was played in the new episode of High Stakes Poker Season 9, which includes poker super stars Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Jennifer Tilly, JRB, Bryn Kenney and Garrett Adelstein.

Poker Hand of the Week – The Check That Secured Jennifer Tilly A Massive $519,500 Pot

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The blinds are NL$ 500/$1,000 and both challengers are really deep with the reliable stack size being 324 huge blinds. Garrett has actually Jennifer covered. View the GGPoker Review Poker Hand of the Week Action Preflop: Jennifer makes a loose raise to$3,000 from the cut-off with and gets 3 callers with Garrett Adelstein on the button along with Daniel Negreanu and Tom Dwan in the blinds. Pot Size:$13,000 Flop: 4-handed to the flop of, which is a really damp board structure and does undoubtedly struck everybody. It examines to Jennifer, who makes a$10,000 extension bet with her combination draw. Garrett has actually tumbled Top Two and makes it $30,000 to go. DNegs and â $durrrrâ$fold. It deserves having a look at the chances here, which reveal that Top Two Pair vs. a flush and open-ended straight draw is a coin turn. Jen has 2 choices here: She can call or raise, as her beast draw has a lot of equity versus nearly every hand.

Garrett has her covered and they are both really deep, so she chooses to call. Pot Size:$73,000 Turn: Tilly checks in the dark and the on the turn doesnâ$t assistance anyone. Garrett chooses that$55,000(75%pot)is an excellent sizing for his 2nd barrel and Jennifer check-calls. Pot Size:$183,000 River: The on the river offers Jennifer Tilly the flush, however she examines! Despite the fact that the front door flush can be found in, Garrett bets$100,000, simply to get check-raised All-In for$236,000. It is just$136,000 to employ order to win$519,500 providing Adelstein pot chances of 4.8 to 1. After tanking for a couple of seconds he recognizes that he can’t beat anything and folds. A saucy river check protects Jennifer Tilly the greatest pot of High Stakes Poker Season 9 up until now worth an incredible $519,500! Poker Hand of the Week Analysis Let’s go to this really fascinating hand street by street. Jennifer makes a loose raise from the cut-off

with Q5s and Garrett and even looser get in touch with the button with 87o, which reveals that he views Tilly for among the weaker gamers at the table and thinks that he can beat her in position postflop. The

dealership then lays the outright action flop into the middle, which has something for everybody. Jen makes a fairly huge cbet with her beast draw and Garrett needs to raise on this extremely draw-heavy board with Top Two Pair in order to secure his hand from being outdrawn. That’s what he does and now it’s back on Tilly, who can both call or raise and she opts for the

very first choice. Jennifer Tilly then checks in the dark prior to the turn is dealt. The Jh does not modifications much and Garrett properly sizes his 2nd barrel approximately 75%pot. Jen once again has 2 alternatives here: Call or check-raise All-In. She when again selects the more conservative path and calls. The river is a club and makes Tilly the flush and this is where the hand gets fascinating! Jennifer chooses to not go for worth and contact the flush rather. This play has its advantages and disadvantages, because you either danger missing out on worth in case your challenger checks behind or you can cause a bet/bluff by imitating weak point. For Garrett this is a quite clear check behind in my viewpoint.

The front door flush was available in and Jen played the hand quite like a flush draw. Adelstein needs to ask himself what worth hand he gets called with here and there

are few, considering that even most overpairs are a fold as played. The only affordable combinations that may call are one combination of Pocket Nines, considering that both Ivey and Dwan folded a Nine, AcJc and Ah8h.

Those are just 3 combinations, while all other hands that call a river wager such as flushes, straights and sets have him beat. Garrett remarkably chooses to

go for worth by wagering$ 100,000 simply to get check-raised All-In nearly instantly. Please keep in mind that this line from Jennifer Tilly suggests severe strength and practically never ever is a bluff. Now Garrett remains in a problem as he gets extremely beneficial pot chances of 4 to 1, however can’t beat any worth hand and for that reason still winds up folding. View the 888poker Review Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion This hand is a fantastic example

, why check-raising is an essential tool for every single poker gamer. It can optimize your worth in 2 various methods: Either your challenger worth bets with the weaker hand or he is bluffing. It makes your video game much more unforeseeable and it requires

your challengers to examine back more, when they are ahead. In this case, the sly river check made Jennifer Tilly an extra$100,000! Adelstein likewise made an error by not inspecting behind on the river, when the

flush came in. By making a doubtful worth

bet, he puts himself into a really nasty area on the river, when he does get check-raised All-In, given that he can’t beat any worth hands. This might quickly have actually been prevented and Garrett might have conserved$ 100,000 just by examining behind.

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Poker Hand of the Week – The Check That Secured Jennifer Tilly A Massive $519,500 Pot


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